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@Cyber started like any  other company it was an idea that our founder had to provide a service that is much needed in his area.

The reason I started @Cyber I was in a public transport and the driver was talking about how Data was so expensive and he said no one can do anything about it. I wanted to be that someone who does something about it. The goal is to provide data for an affordable price and make our nation present on the internet 24/7 everyone should be part of the online network.

@Cyber is an Internet Service Provider that is partnered with the biggest
companies in South Africa to provide quality service. Data is very expensive
in South Africa, therefore our company saw a need to provide affordable data.
@Cyber has partnered with MTN, Cell C, Rain and Vumatel just to name a few big companies to provide affordable quality service. As stated in our statement, affordable data is our priority!

Hear from our customers

A friend told me about @Cyber and their affordable data and I didn't look back since to think that am paying R 129,00 for 2 Gigs Thank you @Cyber.
John Doe
I receive a world class connection from an affordable price, I don't have connection issues and the service is the best.
Mbulelo Sigcu


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